Privacy Policy

Key information on processing of personal data

Data controller: Kuriančios Moterys MB, legal entity code: 304944605, legal office address – Gerovės g. 57-5, Vilnius, E-mail:

Main objectives of data processing (detailed objectives and respective grounds for data processing are indicated in the text below):

  • assurance of smooth website performance;
  • establishment, maintenance and development of business, professional and/or other legitimate business relationships;
  • provision of co-working services (administration of co-working space; conclusion of agreement on co-working space and performance thereof; shopping in pop-up shop type store; participation in meditation and yoga classes; provision of express beauty procedures; participation in mentorship programme; accounting);
  • assurance of property and personal security (video surveillance);
  • assurance of customer/membership service quality;
  • marketing;
  • posting of members’ contacts on the website;
  • organisation of events;
  • finding out how people use our website in order to be able to improve it and create new content, products and services;
  • to defend own interests at a court or other institution.

Your rights: Every data subject whose data is processed in WHUB activity, depending on circumstances, has the following rights: to know (be informed) on one’s own data processing; to become familiar with one’s own data and the way they are processed; to demand to rectify or, having regard to the objectives of personal data processing, to supplement incomplete personal data; to delete one’s own data or to stop the processing actions of one’s data (except for storage); to demand that a personal data controller would limit data processing in the event of one of the legitimate reasons: to demand the transfer of data furnished to us: at any time not to agree with the processing of one’s own personal data when such processing is carried out seeking our own or third party’s legitimate interests, also when personal data are processed for the purposes of direct marketing, including profiling; not to agree and/or withdraw one’s own consent for processing personal data if the data are processed on the basis of consent; to file a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate. You may asset your rights by contacting us by e-mail:

In order to become familiar in greater detail with the information on how we process Your personal data, read the text below.

Expanded information on the processing of personal data

Kuriančios Moterys MB (hereinafter – “we” or “Data controller”) respect your privacy and undertake to protect it in accordance with this Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the “Privacy Policy”). By this Privacy Police we seek to inform you in detail on the processing of your personal data irrespective whether you communicate with us by meeting personally, electronically (e.g. using our website, or e-mail) or in any other way chosen by You.

We undertake to be transparent by furnishing clear information on what kind of your personal data are processed, objectives of processing, period of storing personal data, legal basis for data processing, as well as other information we are obligated to furnish according to valid legal acts.

Spend some time for reviewing this Policy and, if you would have questions, immediately contact us in one of the following ways indicated at the end of our Privacy Policy.

General Information

Data controller’s particulars:

Kuriančios moterys MB

Legal entity code: 304944605,

Address: Gerovės g. 57-5, Vilnius


We confirm that your data will be collected in accordance with requirements of valid legal acts of the European Union and the Republic of Lithuania, as well as instructions of controlling institutions, that all reasonable technical and administrative means will be applied in order the data on website users collected by us would be protected against loss, unauthorised use and/or amendments. Data controller’s employees have made written commitments to third parties not to disclose and not to distribute information received at the workplace, including information on website/social media platform visitors.

The concepts used in the rules are understood the way they are defined in the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (EU).

How do we collect information about you?

Your personal data, i.e. any information about you that allows us recognising you are obtained in different ways:

  • you may furnish information (personal data) by themselves (e.g. completing a membership registration form, registering to events, calling us, ordering a newsletter, participating in surveys, filing request or communicating with us in any other ways);
  • information about you may be collected automatically (by visiting our website (using cookies or similar technologies), visiting our social media platforms Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube), visiting our co-working space that is surveilled;
  • in particular cases we may receive information about you from third persons, also collect information about you from publicly accessible sources (e.g. Your colleagues, our partners who provide services to you or us).

To the extent permitted by valid legal acts, we may receive information on you from third parties. This may be information provided by a digital marketing services company that will provide our website maintenance services; our customers, legal entities when you are a representative of these legal persons, our partners with whom we cooperate in providing co-working services or who are guests invited to our events.

We may link information received on you from yourselves, public and commercial sources with other information we receive either from you or about you.

We may collect information about you also in the cases not discussed in these privacy rules. If this is the case, we will inform you additionally.

Objectives and legal grounds for data processing

The objectives for which we process your personal data according to a respective legal ground and processed personal data are provided in this table:

Objective Legal ground Personal data
Provision of co-working services(conclusion of associated agreements and administration of co-working space; shopping in the pop-up shop type store; participation in meditation and yoga classes; provision of express beauty procedures; participation in the mentorship programme; accounting Performance of the agreement Compliance with the requirements of legal acts Name, surname, personal number, telephone, address, job title
Assurance of customer/membership service quality This information is furnished to you because we have a legitimate interest to provide precise information on the services provided by us Seeking to answer your enquiries by phone, e-mail, on the social media platform and in other ways, we may ask your phone, e-mail address, name, surname, state number. E-mail address and correspondence content.
Assurance of property and personal security (video surveillance) Legitimate interest – assurance of property and personal security Video data
Organisation of events Performance of agreement with You – assurance of interesting activity for its members. Name, surname, hobbies, abilities, telephone, e-mail, address. Health data may be collected if an event is associated with the provision of beauty services and/or wellness services.
For the marketing purpose*, e.g. to present customised advertisements and sponsors’ content and to send notifications on campaigns; to assess and analyse one’s market, customers, products and services (including also the collection of your opinion on services and organisation of customer surveys) Your consent.    Name, surname, telephone, e-mail, other information that may be required at the time of service provision.
To find out how people use internet services provided by us in order to be able to improve them and create a new contents, products and services We process your personal data to this end having a legitimate interest to observe the quality of our services, to create and improve the website content we create, to ensure website security. IP address, operating system version and parameters of the device you use to access the content, time and duration of your session, and any information stored in cookies which we have set in your device, GPS device signal or information on the closest WiFi access points and mobile communication towers that may be transferred to us when you use the content of our website.
Assurance of smooth website functioning To this end we process your personal data having a legitimate interest to ensure smooth website performance IP address, operating system version and parameters of the device you use to access the content, time and duration of your session, and any information stored in cookies which we have set in your device.
Establishment, maintenance and development of business, professional and/or other legitimate business relationships To this end we process your personal data having a legitimate interest to increase awareness of your trademark, sales and expand business ties. Name, surname, telephone, e-mail, position in the company where you work. With your consent this data will be published on the WHUB website and will be accessible to all website users.
Posting of members’ contacts Your consent Name, surname, telephone, e-mail, position in the company where you work. With your consent this data will be published on the WHUB website and will be accessible to all website users.
To defend own interests at a court or other institution Compliance with requirements of legal acts. Legitimate interest – to defend against claims and actions brought Depending in the action or claim lodged, all data held by us listed in these privacy rules may be processed to this end.

In the event we may not make reference to any of the legal grounds laid down in this table, we will ask your consent prior to starting the processing of your data. (Such cases will be clear from the circumstances and the context).

In the cases when we process our personal data for other objectives than the ones indicated in these rules, we will inform you in advance by sending a separate notification.

If you provide us with data of other persons associated with You, you should inform them, and, if necessary, receive consent of these persons, as well as familiarise them with this Privacy Policy.

We may also collect Your personal data if you are a representative of our customer – legal person.

⃰We hereby inform that we have the right to send advertising information to our customers/members about our similar events or services, whereas you have the right now, or at any time later, to refuse from getting the content of direct marketing sent by us by notifying us of your self- determination by e-mail: info@the-whub.lcom or using an unsubscribe link in the newsletter itself.

Who do we transfer your personal data to?

We may transfer your personal data to:

  • State, municipal and law enforcement institutions;
  • Enterprises that provide services at our request, e. g, accounting services company [Imlūs Sprendimai UAB];
  • You data will be shared with other WHUB members, whereas with your consent data will be published and publicly accessible on our website;
  • Other responsibly selected our business partners: sports, meditation specialists, beauty services providers [list the names];
  • Event organisers [list the names].

In order to receive direct marketing offers of our business partners, your consent would be requested separately.

To what countries your personal data is?

In very rare cases, we may send your personal data to the countries located outside the European Economic Area.

When we send your personal data to the countries outside the European Economic Area, we take care that one of the following security measures is applied:

  • An agreement shall be signed with a data recipient that would be based on the Standard Contract Terms of the European Union.
  • A data recipient would be established in the country that shall be recognised by the European Commission as applying adequate data protection standards.
  • Permit from the Data Protection Inspectorate.

What do we do to protect your information?

We have implemented reasonable and appropriate physical and technical measures to protect the information we collected for the content/service provision objectives. However, do not forget that although we take appropriate actions for protecting your information, none website, transaction performed online, by computer system or wireless connection is not quite safe.

How much time will we store Your personal data?

We will store your personal data as much as it is necessary to achieve the objectives set. After reaching the objective set your data will be deleted, except for the cases when legal acts obligate us to store information for tax purposes, or data may be necessary for carrying out pre-trial investigation, however, in any case, the storage period will be no longer than 10 years. Upon expiry of this period, data will be deleted so that it cannot be reproduced.

Usually, personal data are stored for the following these time-limits:

Personal data Storage period
Data contained in payment and purchase-sale and other agreements 10 years after a payment operation
Personal data used for marketing As long as your consent is valid
IT system records (logs) [enter]
Analytics data Usually, this data is collected automatically when you use the website, and are anonymised/ aggregated immediately after their receipt.

Your rights

We have a legal obligation to ensure that your personal data would be precise and that they would be renewed. We ask you to help us comply with this obligation by ensuring that you will inform us of any necessary changes in your personal data processed by us.

The right to become familiar with data. You have the right to ask permission to become familiar with any data that may be treated as your personal data. This covers the right to receive information whether we process your personal data, what category of personal data we process, and for what purpose we process thess data.

 The right to rectify data. You have the right to demand us to rectify any your personal data we have if you think that they are inaccurate and incomplete.

The right to object data processing. You have the right to object particular processing of personal data, including, e.g. automated individual decision-making on the ground of your personal data, or in other cases when we base the processing of your personal data on our legitimate interest.

The right to restrict the processing of personal data. You have the right to demand us to restrict your personal data if you want: (i) to file an objection regarding the lawfulness of data processing; (ii) record an illegal of personal data; (iii) receive personal data or avoid erasure of personal data seeking to lodge or defend legal processing lawsuits; or (iv) to demand us to restrict personal data until the likelihood of WHUB legitimate interest to process specific data is evaluated.

The right to have his or her personal data erased. You may also demand to have your personal data erased where the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are collected, or if you think that personal data is processed unlawfully, or if you think that personal data must be erased in order you could comply with a legal requirement.

The right to data portability. If your personal data is automatically processed on receipt of your consent or on the ground of agreement concluded with you, you may demand that we would furnish your data systemically, in the usually used or machine-readable format. Besides, you may demand that personal data would be transferred to another data controller. We draw your attention to the fact that this may be done only if this is technically feasible

The right to withdraw your consent. In the case when the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time without suffering any adverse circumstances.

The right to file a complaint to a supervisory institution. If you are not satisfied with our answer to your request regarding personal data or if you think that we process your personal data without complying with requirements of legal acts, you may file a complaint to the Lithuanian Data Protection Inspectorate on the website at

How will you assert your rights?

You may submit us a request regarding the implementation of the rights set out above, also complaints, notifications or requests (hereinafter – the Request) by e-mail:, mail at the address Gerovės g. 57-5, Vilnius, or by visiting us.

Your rights will be implemented upon prior verification of your identity in person, by e-signature or, if these two options are impossible, remotely via Skype.

We will provide an answer to Your Request no later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the receipt of the Request. In exclusive cases requiring additional time, upon prior notification, we will have the right to extend the time-limit for the submission of requested data or examining other demands stated in Your request up to 60 (sixty) calendar days from the date of your appeal.

Cookies, signals and similar technologies

We use the term “cookies” in these privacy rules for defining cookies and other similar technologies, e.g. Pixel Tags, Web Beacons, clear GIF.

When you visit our website, we would like to present such content and functions that would be tailored to your needs. To this end, cookies are necessary. These are small information elements retained in your website browser. The help our data controller recognise you as a previous visitor of a particular website, preserve the history of you website visiting and adapt the content thereof according to that. Besides, cookies help ensure smooth website performance, allow monitoring the duration, frequency of visiting a website, as well as to collect statistical information on the number of website visitors. By analysing these data we may improve our websites, make them more convenient for your use.

Cookies used on our website

Name Period Cookie purpose
CONSENT [ enter] [ enter]
NID [ enter] [ enter]
_AVESTA_ENVIRONMENT By the end of the session [ enter]

When you use a browser for accessing the content provided by us, you may configure your website in such a way that all cookies would be accepted, all cookies would be rejected, or that you are notified when a cookie is sent. Each browser is different; therefore, if you do not know how to change the cookie settings, have a look at its directory menu. There may be additional cookies-controllers in the operating system of your device. If you do not want to have this information collected with the help of cookies, use the simple procedure available in the majority of browsers enabling to refuse of the use of cookies. To find out more on how to control cookies, visit the website at:

Do not forget, however that some services may be created in such a way as to act only with cookies, and if you turn then off, you will not be able to see them or particular parts thereof.

Apart from cookies used by the data controller, particular third parties are allowed on our websites to set and access cookies in your computer. In this case, the privacy rules of third parties are applied for the use of cookies.

We draw your attention to the fact that our social media platforms are subject to the cookie policy of a respective social media.

What are the principles of personal data protection that we adhere to?

By collecting and using personal data entrusted by you, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Your personal data are processed in a legitimate, fair and transparent way (the principle of lawfulness, fairness and transparency).
  • Your personal data are processed for the set, clearly defined and legitimate purposes and are not processed in the way incompatible with these purposes (the principle of purpose limitation).
  • Your personal data are adequate, suitable and only such that are necessary for pursuing the objectives for which they are processed (the principle of data minimisation).
  • The personal data processed are accurate and, if necessary, updated (the principle of accuracy).
  • Your personal data are stored in such a form that it would be possible to find out a person’s identity for no longer than this is necessary for the objectives for which your personal data are processed (the principle of storage length limitation).
  • Your personal data are processed in such a way that by applying respective technical or organisational means adequate security of personal data would be ensured, including the protection against unauthorised processing of data or illegal processing of data, or accidental loss, destruction or damage of data (the principle of integrity and confidentiality).

Contact us

If you have noticed any incompliance with these privacy rules, gap in security on our website, or have other questions associated with the processing of your personal data, contact us by one of the ways convenient to you:

By post: Kuriančios Moterys MB

Address: Gerovės g. 57-5, Vilnius, Lithuania


Final Provisions

These privacy rules are revised at least once every two years. After updating the privacy rules, we will inform you on, in our opinion, essential changes by publishing a notice on our website. If you log in or use the content and/or services provided by us after the publication of such a notice, we will consider that you agree with the new requirements stated in the update.

Last time the privacy rules revised on 9 September 2019


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